Halal Food In USA

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Halalinusa.com is operated solely by volunteers who donate their time and efforts to provide guidance for Muslim consumers about Halal food products and Halal food ingredients through our web site. We are independent of any other entity, organization or movement.

We also do not provide Halal Certification services and do not issue certificates or rulings on the Halal status of a business.

We aim to create awareness among Muslims on their right to demand clarity about halal foods in accordance with Islamic Laws. In this respect, we strive to educate Muslim consumers to make better informed decisions.

Since, we clarify some matters relating to the Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh), we consult various religious scholars and appropriate resources, i.e. experts, reference books, internet, etc. All information posted on this site is, to the best of our knowledge, correct. We try our best to give out correct and accurate information, but mistakes can occur. We therefore make no warranty either express or implied, and assume no legal liability or responsibility for usefulness of any information provided on this website.

If any info you have found out that is different to what we have provided on our website, please contact with us so we can update our records. This is the best way moving forward.

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